Meats and Seafood

Viscarin® stabilizer has the ability to significantly reduce drip-loss from injected raw meats as well as increase the yields of pork and poultry products after cooking. Viscarin® XP 3660 was recently introduced in Europe and South America for its ability to reduces drip-loss by as much as 40%.  The product can be used in standard brine systems without modification of the current processing or operating procedures.  For the US meat processing industry we offer Gelcarin® ME 3054 to control drip loss in processed meats.

The recommended starting formula and results of evaluations on drip loss, as well as other meat bulletins, can be viewed by clicking here and completing your logon information.

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  • Increase yield and improve processing
  • Improve natural juice and marinade retention
  • Improve texture and sliceability
  • Replace fat and enable lower sodium usage
  • Enhance freeze-thaw stability