FMC BioPolymer introduces SeaKem® BV 1812 stabilizer, designed for stabilization and mouthfeel enhancement in UHT fluid soy beverages.  SeaKem BV 1812 is suitable for use in both direct and indirect UHT processed soy beverages made from fluid soymilk.  The stability provided ensures consistent mouthfeel and uniform body in both ESL refrigerated and ambient aseptic storage conditions.  This stabilizer can also provide improved emulsion stability to reduce creaming.

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  • Suspend solids such as cocoa and minerals
  • Improve mouthfeel
  • Enhance creamy texture
  • Provide creamy texture
  • Provide stability under ambient and refrigerated conditions
  • Benefits either hot or cold systems
  • May be used for dairy, soy, whey or non-protein systems