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BioPolymer develops and customizes blends of carrageenan for specific gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties. The results are a wide range of functional benefits in products, including excellent moisture binding capabilities, suspension of insoluble particles through extended storage, gelation capabilities at ambient and refrigerator temperatures, controlled flow properties, and modification of textures to meet the needs of formulators.

FMC is the largest and most experienced producer of carrageenan extracts worldwide. For more than 60 years FMC has established a tradition for providing consistent, high quality carrageenan, technical expertise, and service. Brand names include DanagelTM, Gelcarin®, IsagelTM, Lactogel®, LactarinTM, SeaGel®, SeaKem®, and Viscarin®.

FMC builds quality and performance into its carrageenan products at three levels—seaweed sourcing, extract manufacturing, and understanding and tailoring the functional properties of each product.

In terms of seaweed harvesting, FMC BioPolymer’s activities provide economic development in coastal areas around the globe.