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Oral hygiene over the centuries has progressed from a rudimentary powder based cleaning mechanism to a complex active based compound present in a stable situation under the influence of organic and inorganic salts. This harmony is bought about by a stabilizer like Viscarin® which FMC has been producing for over six decades. Our knowledge and expertise is varied as we tailor products to customer specifications.

This evolution was in parallel supported by innovations in packaging. Today toothpaste has the challenge to offer more sophisticated cleaning objectives, support in preventive dental hygiene and in all ensure its delivered through a packing medium that is not only functional but also cost effective.

Toothpaste system is a complex mixture of inorganic and organic compounds dissolved and suspended in a continuous phase stabilized by a hydrocolloid (Viscarin products). Viscarin products plays the key role in obtaining a rheology suitable to the given manufacturing process maintaining the product stability and providing the cosmetic characteristics demanded by the consumer.  Click here for guideline formulations and stabilizer recommendations.

Technical SupportFMC BioPolymer’s unique solution process provides support from all areas of our organization. Our global network of technically component sales and marketing professionals offers responsive commercial services through local offices. Technical centers are located in each region. These provide prompt technical support and ongoing service in

- product selection decisions
- new dentifrice start-ups
- routine dentifrice evaluations

Our Center of Excellence for Oral Care Technology is located in Mumbai (Bombay), India. This facility leads our oral care R&D efforts in terms of

- innovative new binder products
- evaluation of complex dentifrice products and processes
- tackling special application challenges.

Our manufacturing facilities are all ISO 9002 certified.

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