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The conversion of alginate/alginic acid to its propylene glycol alginate (PGA) changes the behavior of the polymer in many ways compared to standard alginate. Esterified alginate is thereby appreciated as a particularly effective thickener and stabilizer in several acidic food applications.

FMC BioPolymer’s line of Protanal® Ester PGA is utilized in the stabilization of milk proteins under acidic conditions, in yogurt and lactic drinks, for pulp stabilization in acidic drinks, and sauces and dressings in general.

PGA is the most efficient and commonly used beer foam stabiliser worldwide with its use well understood and documented. Profoam® PGA beer foam stabiliser has the highest level of esterification available on the market, giving superior head retention and greater protection against foam collapse caused by foam-negative contaminants.

Profoam has been developed in cooperation with experienced brewers and process chemists, who have used their skill and experience to improve the product properties in areas that are important for breweries and their customers.