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Among the most versatile of the hydrocolloids, alginates are used in a wide variety of applications as thickeners, stabilizers, and gelling agents. Alginates have been used for a vast range of applications for more than 50 years. With an equally long history as the supplier of Protanal® and other superior alginate products, FMC BioPolymer is a world-leading company in the field of alginate. Alginate is a natural product, extracted from brown seaweed. FMC BioPolymer has access to unique, renewable raw materials that give rise to a wide range of high quality products.

Alginates are cold-soluble and cold-setting. Further, alginate is heat and freeze/thaw stable. As a thickening agent, alginate offers a broad range of flow properties for aqueous-based systems.

In terms of seaweed harvesting, FMC BioPolymer’s activities provide economic development in coastal areas around the globe.