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Making food look, feel and taste great is something that FMC BioPolymer has been doing for years even for Fido. With the aid of alginates and carrageenan, various products like blood and bone meal can be restructured into attractive, stable shapes such as meat chunks making canned pet food the first choice for dogs and cats. The advantage of using FMC BioPolymer's line of Protanal® alginates is that the gelling process can be altered in a number of ways to suit any production system. Gelling can be carried out at very low temperatures to keep the bacterial count down, or a heat setting can be applied. Gelling can be acheived both at acid and neutral pH. An extremely quick setting can be achieved, or a slow one. When running the process, a low viscosity could be an advantage. With alginates the viscosity can be adjusted independent of gel strength and structure.

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