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Over the course of this century we have seen laundry go from wash boards to washing machines, and now there is a new revolution is taking place. The chemistry of getting clothes clean is making the move from simple liquids and powders to sophisticated time release tablets that make doing laundry easy enough for any undergrad to manage. FMC BioPolymer’s binder and disintegrant expertise has helped numerous clients stay ahead of the curve with this recent industry shift and we continue to work with our clients to push it even further.
What is a disintegrant? A distintegrant is a substance or a mixture of substances added to a tablet to facilitate its break-up or disintegration after administration. They may function by drawing water into a tablet, causing the tablet to swell and burst apart, or work to selectively increase release of desired substances in bi-layer tablets.
The active ingredient must be released from the tablet matrix as quickly as possible to allow for its rapid dissolution.

FMC BioPolymer binders improve compressibility:

  • Less force needed for given tablet hardness
  • Less wear and tear on dies
  • Less heat generated during tableting

FMC BioPolymer binders and disintegrants improve tablet properties:

  • Lower disintegration time
  • Lower friability
  • Can selectively increase release of desired components in bi-layer tablets

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