Introducing Protasea™ exceptional brown seaweed extract manufactured using FMC's 65+ years of experience in sustainably harvesting seaweeds.

FMC BioPolymer announces effective March 7, 2013 data submitted to the US FDA on Protasea Fucoidan as a New Dietary Ingredient was accepted and filed following a 75 day notification period. This means food supplement manufacturers in the US can now have full confidence this novel polysaccharide comes with the highest level of industry assurance protecting their brands.

Exceptional Quality, Purity and Customer Support
  • A gentle, solvent free, extra virgin fucoidan sourced from pristine Norwegian waters
  • A unique patent pending process for obtaining high purity fucoidan up to 95%
  • An effective, replicable, low cost analytical method providing security to manufacturers that products containing Protasea™ Fucoidan will meet label claim
  • Sourcing through a global, reputable and trusted full service supplier
  • A partner invested heavily in safety and science

Packaging and Product Information

Product name:    
Protasea™ Fucoidan
Pack Sizes:        1 and 5kg bags