Nutraesterol is an unesterified plant sterol and stanol technology obtained from tall oil. Plant sterols have been shown to inhibit cholesterol absorption in the intestine, thereby lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.1 The Nutraesterol water dispersible powder formula has been escpecially developed to overcome the solubility issues faced in product development when incorporating into aqueous food formulations.

Key Benefits of Nutraesterol QF 6501

  • Phytosterols are obtained from a non-GMO source
  • Unlike soy based sterols adds no cholesterol to finished products
  • Does not add unwanted flavors and aroma due to hydrolysis byproducts
  • Amazing dispersibility in aqueous matrices
  • Cost effective due to it's ability to stay in water phase and off equipment walls thereby reducing cleaning time
  • Cost effective due to reduced shearing force needed to dispense product

Packaging and Product Information
Product Name:          Nutraesterol QF 6501
Concentration:          75% free sterol content
Packaging:                5 and 25 kg

1-Musa-Velosa, Kathy, et. al. "A comparison of the LDL-cholesterol lowering efficacy over a continuous dose range; results of a meta-analysis of randomized placebo controlled trials, "Journal of Prostaglandins Luekot. Essen.fatty Acids Vol 85 (1): 9-28, 2011