Aquacoat® ARC
At last, controlled release and alcohol resistance.

There is no standard formulation approach to meeting regulatory guidelines for alcohol resistance. But concern around alcohol-induced dose-dumping continues to grow. Aquacoat® ARC is a sustained release coating that has proven resilience at the 5, 20 and 40% levels of alcohol concentration.
Aquacoat® ARC can help make your drugs safer, demonstrate that your formulation meets Quality by Design criteria for robustness, and get your products to market faster.

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Key Benefits
  • Robust sustained release performance in the presence of alcohol
  • Standardized approach to meeting tough regulatory criteria
  • Familiar, straightforward formulation and process protocols
  • No requirement for separate intellectual property licensing
  • Highest quality, FMC-tested pharmaceutical grade materials

Peace of mind with ease of use

Aquacoat® ARC has been designed to pass the toughest ethanol dissolution tests with distinction, and is suitable for tablet or pellet applications. Aquacoat® ARC is made of compendial materials and comes with easy-to-use mixing and formulation protocols. Intellectual rights to the use of Aquacoat® ARC do not require separate licensing, as they are transferred with the material itself.

Make your formulation tougher, make your filing easier

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