• Improved recompactibility.
    Avicel® DG shows superior results versus dry blends, delivering enhanced tablet performance and fewer rejected tablets.
  • Reduced lubricant sensitivity.
    Avicel® DG is a value-added solution that allows fewer lubrication steps and promotes lower cost-in use.
  • Process efficiencies.
    Avicel® DG improves roller compaction by enabling continuous processing and eliminating extragranular excipients.
  • Similar disintegration and dissolution.
    Avicel® DG offers exceptional performance in dry granulation processing, while maintaining fundamental requirements for disintegration and dissolution. 
  • Discover a new growth opportunity.
    Avicel® DG is rooted in innovative thinking. We invite you to download new product data, request a sample or contact our innovation specialists to see how this highly functional excipient can grow your business.