Alginate Capsule Technology

Utilizing a novel patented process based on one of FMC core Biopolymers (alginate) this technology provides a unique seamless, enteric, vegetarian alternative to gelatin soft capsules in one unit process for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Alginate capsules advantages

Globally acceptable regulatory compliance with Vegetarian (gelatin-free)

Capsules easier to swallow: 

  • Smaller Capsule:  Seamless thinner capsule shell, allowing for capsules 30% smaller than traditional gelatin for a given fill volume
  • No Fish Burps:  Naturally enteric providing superior gastro resistant and enteric release properties  to film coated alternatives
  • Superior elegance -  high shell transparency
  • Sugar and gluten free

Manufacture of capsules easier:

  • Favorable unit cost - process does not produce waste ribbon as seen in traditional rotary die processes and eliminates need/cost of enteric film coating  maximizing production efficiency
  • Process designed to provide oxidation protection
  • QbD  development philosophy
  • Patented product and process enables product life cycle enhancement.
  • IP Protected

FMC Capabilities

Laboratory scale process enables:

  • Technology demonstrations
  • Formulation development support
  • Product concept assessment
  • Sample manufacture for in vitro and stability assessment

Proven GMP capability

  • Small GMP batches for early in vivo testing

Extensive and professional technical support

Algicaps Process Overview

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