Sustained release coatings function by creating a semi-permeable membrane through which drugs must pass in order to become available for absorption, creating a diffusion-controlled rate of release.  Aquacoat® ECD or 
Aquacoat® ARC is our recommendation for this application because they:
  • Allow solvent free coating since it is completely aqueous
  • Offer the greatest formulation flexibility
  • Provide stable and reproducible release rates
  • Offer protection from alcohol-induced dose-dumping
Recommended Products:

Aquacoat® ARC
Aquacoat® ECD

Extrusion spheronization offers an attractive alternative to traditional drug-layering on pellets. This highly specialized process results in unique spherical, drug-loaded pellets.  The formulator can achieve higher drug loading with this approach over that possible with layering.  We recommend Avicel® PH-101 or PH-102 for this application because they produce:
  • Reduced spheroid friability
  • Prevents overwetting and lessens the process sensitivity
  • Improved sphericity of pellets
Recommended Products:
Avicel PH 101, PH-102
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