Organoleptic Enhancements
Chewable tablets as a dosage form are growing in popularity.  Palatable chewable tablets offer convenience for customers, broaden the applicability of formulations to pediatric or geriatric markets, and increase patient compliance.  In this application, the use of  FMC’s Avicel® CE-15 can provide:
  • Smoother, creamier mouthfeel
  • Less tooth-packing
  • Incorporation of an organoleptic agent without sacrificing flow or compaction
Recommended Products:

Avicel CE-15

Many pharmaceutically active compounds have a bitter or otherwise objectionable taste which may decrease patient compliance.  Tastemasking is the art of hiding these bad tastes from patients to improve compliance.  It improves drug palatability without affecting the drug release profile.  In this application, FMC’s Aquacoat® ECD provides:

  • Increased drug palatability
  • Little impact on drug release rate

Recommended Products:

Aquacoat ECD

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