Roller Compaction

Roller Compaction is a dry process involving compaction of materials into ribbons which are then milled to generate a granulation.  This granulation is then compressed on a tablet machine.  This process can be used with moisture-sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's), it improves particle size and flow, and is readily adaptable to continuous processing.  Use of Avicel DG:
  • Dramatically increases tablet hardness
  • Provides good flow and a robust ribbon during the initial compaction phase
  • Reduces the number of excipients in the formulation and eliminates process steps
  • Improves yields
Recommended Products:

Avicel DG in the intra-granular phase
No extra-granular binders required

Direct Compression
Direct compression is the most economic process for the manufacture of tablets. Excipients are blended with the active and compressed with no need for drying. The process is suitable for use with moisture-sensitive actives but is more subject to segregation than the wet granulation approach.  FMC offers Avicel PH grades that provide excipient solutions to many challenges of direct compression formulations including:
  • Improved flow
  • Better compressibility
  • Accommodation of moisture-sensitive actives
Recommended Products:

Avicel PH-102 SCG
Avicel HFE-102
Avicel PH-200
Avicel PH-302

Wet Granulation
The earliest technology for granulating and processing drugs for tabletting, this approach enables a uniform blend and avoids segregation.  The addition of Avicel® PH 101 or PH 302 in wet granulation promotes:
  • Rapid, even wetting as a result of the wicking action of microcrystalline cellulose
  • Reduced sensitivity of the wet mass to over-wetting
  • Faster drying
  • Fewer screen blockages or case hardenings
  • Reduce dye migration
  • Faster disintegration
Recommended Products:

Avicel PH-101,
Avicel PH-301

Super-disintegrants break a tablet into smaller fragments increasing the surface area of the dosage form and the rate of drug absorption.  Ac-Di-Sol® Croscarmellose sodium was developed by FMC to:
  • Enhance drug dissolution by speeding tablet disintegration
  • Provide the highest level of disintegration force at low use levels
  • Utilize dual disintegration mechanisms of wicking and swelling for more rapid disintegration
Recommended Products:


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