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FMC Breaks Ground on New Thailand Microcrystalline Cellulose Manufacturing Facility

PHILADELPHIA, March 21, 2013 -- FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC) broke ground today on its new world-class microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand.  The company will invest more than $100 million in the region's first fully integrated colloidal MCC manufacturing and blending site to supply the growing Asia market with FMC's industry-leading MCC.

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FMC Corporation Signs Agreement to Acquire Phytone, Ltd., a Leading European Natural Colors Business
PHILADELPHIA, June 13, 2012 – FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC) announced today the acquisition of Phytone Ltd., a leading natural colors producer based in the United Kingdom.

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FMC Corporation Signs Agreement to Acquire Natural Color and Health Ingredients Innovator South Pole Biogroup

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New! Reduce Drip-loss in Raw Meat with Viscarin XP 3660

Click here for more information on a new stabilizer that has the ability to significantly reduce drip-loss from injected raw meats as well as increase the yields of pork and poultry products after cooking.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

The FMC BioPolymer carbon footprint calculator determines the environmental impact and carbon footprint of carrageenan compared to a number of other products which are used for similar functionality.

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Health and Wellness

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Newly Added Microcasts

Low/Frozen Temperature Stability presented by Donna Pechillo, North American Food Applications

Providing Value for Our Customers presented by Xaxier Martin Commercial Development Manager

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Newly Added - Elevated Temperature Stability
FMC products can be used in a range of temperatures.  The first in a series of heat stability microcasts, this microcast presented by Donna Pechillo, North American Food Applications, provides an overview on improving product stability using FMC ingredients at elevated temperatures for confections and fillings.  Click here to view the microcast

Newly Added - Gelatin Alternative Savings Calculator - Utilize our new gelatin alternative savings calculator to find a high quality carrageenan alternative.  Click here

Proper dispersion of Avicel colloidal MCC is the key to obtaining optimum functionality. Click here for a presentation by Ross White, FMC BioPolymer Applications Manager on Avicel® The value of effective dispersion.

New Concept:  Maintain moist, soft texture in dough-based products. Formulate soft baked cookies and other dough-based products with Protanal® alginateAvicel Dispersion and formulation guidelines for Soft Baked Cookies.

New Concept: Refreshing  Enriched Beverages.  Avicel-plus® GP 1615 stabilizer allows you to formulate a low viscosity, flavored beverage with excellent suspension properties.  Contact us for more information and a copy of our Concept Bulletin, Refreshing, Enriched Chocolate Beverage.

New Concept:  Processed cream cheese products - lower dairy solids.
A new stabilizer from FMC effectively reduces or eliminates the impact of locust bean gum and  dairy solids in the production of cream cheese.  Processed Cream Cheese Products (CHS-05).  Contact us for more information


Innovations -  Archive Files

New Concept:  Processed cheese products with reduced dairy solids - Click here to access formulation and product recommendation:  Processed Cheese Products (CHS-01).   

New Concept:  Solution for Weight Control -
Satiety BeveragesContact us for more information

New Concept: Better Vegetarian Patty - binder systems approved for use in organic foods.
Contact us for more information

New Concepts for Meat Processors:  Meat Analogs and Restructured Meat Products.  Both concepts were presented in April 2008.  Contact us for more information and formulation sheets.