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Anthocyanins are a group of natural chromophores widely distributed in the plant kingdom and comprise the largest group of water-soluble color pigments detectable by the human eye.

Anthocyanins come from a wide range of sources. They are synthesized by fruits, vegetables, flowers and some cereals, and give rise to the red, purple and blue colors found in these plants. These colors are vitally important in a variety of natural processes, providing the attraction that leads to pollination of many species as well as protection against many potential environmental threats, including ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, and parasitic attack.

Given their lively hues, anthocyanins have been used for centuries to deliver vibrant red, pink, magenta and purple colors in a wide range of food applications. In addition, global attention to anthocyanins has increased after a series of studies recently pointed to a number of health benefits anthocyanins can deliver due to their antioxidant capabilities.

All of our products show amazing stability at low pH range. They have superior thermal and light stability at the recommended pH range and for a wide variety of applications. They are available in powder and liquid form and have excellent water solubility. There are also oil soluble formulations for special applications.