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Cellulose Gel / Manufacturing

Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is derived from naturally occurring cellulose similar to that found in fruits and vegetables. From this natural source, FMC BioPolymer develops and customizes Avicel products, through various unique co-processing techniques. These help us standardize products to meet specific viscosity, gelling, suspension and stabilizing properties.

The raw material for Avicel is purified plant fiber, or alpha cellulose, and it is composed of millions of microfibrils. Each microfibril is composed of two areas ( Figure 1 ).

Cellulose Manufacturing Figure 1

During processing, the fibrous material is hydrolyzed (depolymerized) to remove the amorphous regions, leaving only the crystalline bundles. The resulting cellulose gel can be processed by two methods, to produce either Avicel powdered or Avicel colloidal MCC ( Figure 2 ).

Cellulose Manufacturing Figure 2