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Cellulose Gel / Applications

Application Type of Avicel MCC Functions and Benefits
Bar Mixes Colloidal -Adds creaminess and pulpiness; stabilizes emulsion; suspends solids; adds opacity
Batters & Breadings Colloidal - Improves cling; reduces drying time; reduces fat absorption during frying; reduces sogginess if finished product stored under heat lamps
Chocolate Drinks Colloidal - Adds creaminess; suspends solids; stable under high temperature processing; adds opacity
Confections Powdered - Controls moisture absorption; non-nutritive bulk filler
Dressings Colloidal - Enhances the mouthfeel characteristics; mimics the mouthfeel of oil; stabilizes emulsions; suspends solids; improves cling; opacifier
Fillings Colloidal - Prevents boil-out; improves texture and flavor release
Food Service Colloidal - Stabilizes microwave sauces; reduces skinning on sauces held on steam table; helps keep fried foods crisp under heat lamps; reduces fat pick up during frying
High Fiber Drinks Powdered or Colloidal - Increases dietary fiber; adds body and creaminess; suspends solids
- Controls flow and moisture migration; imparts stability; increases creaminess
Lowfat Sour Cream Colloidal - Imparts full-fat mouthfeel; stabilizes the system
Puffed Snacks Powdered - Aids in extrusion process; increases uniformity; promotes finer air cell structure
Sauces Colloidal - Shear stability allows pumping without viscosity loss; stabilizes emulsions; improves cling; adds body and creaminess; prevents boil-out; adds opacity
Whipped Toppings Colloidal - Foam stabilizer

Application Type of Avicel MCC    Functions and Benefits
Tablets/Granules Cross-linked or Colloidal - Accelerates disintegration and dispersion; excellent binder for tablets, granules or any compacted material; superior stability; consistent and reproducible flow rate; good water uptake