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Alginates / PGA / Introduction

Alginate is classified as a hydrocolloid (a water-soluble biopolymer of colloidal nature when hydrated). The first scientific studies on the extraction of alginates from brown seaweed were made by the British chemist E.C. Stanford at the end of the 19th century, and the large-scale production of alginate was introduced 50 years later. Alginate is one of the most versatile biopolymers and is used in a wide range of food, pharmaceutical and specialty applications for:

  • Thickening
  • Stabilizing
  • Gelling
  • Film forming

Today, FMC BioPolymer is among the world’s largest alginate manufacturers. Together with our carrageenan and cellulose gel (microcrystalline cellulose) we offer a full range of functionalities and capabilities to assist formulators in creating and launching innovative products and systems.