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Alginates / PGA / Applications


Application Type of Alginate  Functions and Benefits
Bakery Creams Protanal® ■ Instant gelling and thickening; heat stability; range of different textures; good mouthfeel and flavor release
Dressings Protanal Ester ■ Thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying; good mouthfeel; acid stable
Fruit Juices Protanal Ester ■ Stabilizing, emulsifying
Fruit Fillings and Preparations Protanal ■ Gelling, thickening, stabilizing; prevents syneresis; excellent heat stability; cold and hot process; wide range of different textures; available for low to high brix systems
Ice Cream and Sorbet Protanal ■ Stabilizing; controlled viscosity; prevents crystal formation and shrinkage; contributes to even and slow meltdown
Low Fat Spreads Protanal ■ Stabilizing; good mouthfeel, texture and flavor release
Restructured Foods Protanal ■ Excellent gelling ability; heat stability; easy to form
Yogurt Protanal ■ Stabilizing; good mouthfeel, texture and flavor release

Application Type of Alginate Functions and Benefits
Beer Profoam® ■ Improves and maintains foam levels
Petfoods Protanal ■ Gelling of heat-resistant and retortable meat-like chunks
Textile Printing Lamitex,® Scotex® ■ Gives the desired rheology to print pastes; is inert to dyes and fibers; has excellent wash-out properties; is extremely pure
Paper Scogin® ■ Enhance greaseproof properties, oil resistance, and solvent holdout; improves rheology, water-retention, runability, ink holdout, and printability
Welding Protaweld™ ■ Lubricant stabilizer and “green strength” agent in the extrusion of high quality welding rods