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FMC BioPolymer® has long been a valued partner in the formulation of healthy food and supplements through their expertise in functional core ingredients like alginates, carrageenan and micro crystalline cellulose. Building on this reputation FMC BioPolymer® has developed BioNutrition™ a portfolio of nature based nutritional solutions.

We invite you inside to learn more about these unique health technologies...


Introducing ProtaSea™ Fucoidan...a Norwegian brown seaweed polysaccharide extract manufactured through a unique patent pending process yielding exceptional purity.
FMC BioPolymer, pioneered the use of this traditional Chilean superfruit for natural color. Today we offer the benefits of high ORAC maquiberry for dietary supplements.
Nutraesterol™ is a blend of unesterified plant sterols and stanols (phytosterols) obtained from tall oil...
Glucomannan is a natural, soluble dietary fiber with one of the highest molecular weights of any polysaccharide sold today in the global food supplement market.